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ement of industrially-produced trans fat

be a good idea to use vegetable oil instead of margarine.Trans fat and ChinaChina has nev▓er imposed any ban on trans fats. This is based on of▓ficial statistics stating Chinese people don't eat


s with healthier fats and oils.- Leg

as much▓ trans fats as Westerners do.The average trans fat▓ intake in China was less than 0.53 grams per day ▓in 2013, well within the

WHO recommendation.Bu▓t still, China's food safety standard requires producers to label the amount of trans fats on food packages, infor▓ming customers how much they are taking in with each serving.The standard came into force in 2013.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Inst▓agramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatAustralia introduces harsher penalties for sheep-export crueltyAu▓stralia introduces harsher penalties for sheep-export crueltyAustralia introduces hars▓her penalties for sheep-export cruelty05-17-2018 16:32 BJTCANBERRA, May 17 -- Australia's Agricultur▓e Minister David Littleproud announced on Thursday he would introduce fines of up to


3.5 milli▓on U.S. dollars for companies and penalties of up to 10 years' jail for company directors who b▓reached animal welfare laws following a review into the live sheep export trade.Littleproud said h▓e had accepted all 23 recommendations of veterinarian Michael McCarthy's review of the export trade, which was announced last month after shocking footage emerged from a ship travelling from Fremantle to the Middle East with about 2,400 sheep dead of heat stress.However, the government will not go as▓ far as banning live sheep exports, even▓ during the high-risk Middle Eastern summer, a ▓move which many critics

had been calling for."Today is about setting a new course for the live export industry," Littleproud told reporters on Thursday."There is still a▓ lot more to be done and I give you a commitment to lead that journey."When parliament returns next week, the mi▓nister will introduce a bill to amend the Australian Meat Industry Act which will result in severe fines and jail terms for companies and directors who break export rules including around stocking densities and animal welfare practices.▓"Under this offence a company would face a fine of 4.2 million Australian dollars (about 3.2 million U.S. dollars), three times the benef▓it gained by the company, or 10 percent of the company's▓ annual turnover," Littleproud said."A company director found guilty could face 10 years prison or a fine of 2.1 million Australian dollars. An individ▓ual convicted under the same offence, wou▓ld

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t regulat▓ory actions on

face 10 years and a fine of 420,000 Australi▓an dollars."Littleproud said exporters would be required to comply with a new stocking density model, which would involve an increase in space for

roduced trans ▓fats.- on

sheep of up to 39 percent, resulting in a stoc▓king reduction of up to 28 percent.He sa▓id the greatest cause of sheep mortality was heat stress and McCarthy's new heat-stress model would pote▓nt

ts content in the on

ially reduce "stocking density" of between 19 and 79 percent.While the announcement was welcomed b▓y some, Labor's agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgib▓bon said the government's response did not go

trans fat consumpti

far enough.He said the Labor Party would stop the live export trade in summer "at the first oppo

rtunity".Fitzgibbon accused the Turnbull gover▓nment of failing to "follow the science" on live sheep▓ exp

orts. "The science is in, the northern summer sheep trade and animal welfare expectations cannot b

e ▓reconciled," Fitzgibbon said."As the Australian Veterinary Association and the RSPCA have told us, no matt

er what standards or stocking densities

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